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Deuteronomic cycle

Where do you think we are as a country? Would you say that we are following the Lord or that we are far from God? Every day our country moves closer and closer to pushing God out. Prayer has been removed from our school systems, the Ten Commandments have been taken off of our courthouses, and there are lawsuits against the Bible.

America is going through the Deuteronomic cycle. We began this country based upon the laws of God, and because of this we have been blessed tremendously! As the nations before us, we have gradually turned away from God to follow the ways of this world.

One of the things that we must do before God will heal our land is to turn from our wicked ways.

David Lange has been a Pastor and Church Planter since 1994. In the last few years he has spent time studying the Old Testament Cycle and figuring out how America has gotten to where we are. This book is challenging, thought provoking, and needed for this generation.

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