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COMMITMENT THREE: Honor the Sabbath

I commit that I will no longer miss church for work, for things of this world, for entertainment, for laziness, or for selfish reasons. I will no longer honor the changing of the blue law, but I will honor God’s Law. I realize that I reap what I sow. I am ready to stand up for Jesus and His Word and to call the church back to Him.

Quotes from the book:

A few years ago USA Today came out with an article that said, “Young adults aren’t sticking with church, 70 percent of surveyed Protestants stopped attending by age 23.”

* 88 percent of students from “Christian” homes deny their faith before they graduate from college.
* 91 percent of students from evangelical churches do not believe in absolute moral truth (

The statistics should alarm us. What are we doing wrong?

In America the law was changed in the 1980s. At first it stated that businesses will only be open during non-church hours and no alcohol will be sold. Today almost everything can be open and alcohol can be sold. Sunday is now the second-busiest shopping day of the week. Perhaps Christians eating out for Sunday lunch have had a lot to do with this. Let’s begin to make our country wonder what is going on with the Christians. They no longer support immoral movies, they no longer desecrate the Sabbath, and they are making prayer and God’s Word a priority in their lives.

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